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Friday, July 3, 2009

Green Cleaning and Household Toxins

Shaklee, Green Cleaning Products, Toxin Free Cleaning

This is the list of important links to get started on our TOXIN FREE HOME CAMPAIGN!


Umbilical cord/chemicals

Laboratory tests of the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborns found that the samples contained an average of 200 chemicals that can cause cancer, brain damage, birth defects and other health ailments, according to the study sponsored by the Environmental Working Group.







Green Household Cleaning Options:









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My Favorite Kids Multivitamin

If you have been looking for a Kid's Multivitamin that they WILL ACTUALLY EAT, and that would actually help them...I think you will like this.

My kids have spit up almost every other option I have given them, and when they didn't is because the multivitamins had High Fructose Corn Syrup.

In my search I have gone back and forth between brands, but now I am super excited to find out that Shaklee, has improved their Kids formula. Now, it is "Tooth Friendly and Taste Bud Friendly." It is also Gluten and Lactose Free.

The best part of all is that kids WILL EAT IT! Ha! When my kids ask me for Candy I will give them a ShakleeKids 'INCREDIVITES", so far they haven't complain and THEY DO KNOW THE REAL Candy!

Check out this video and give them a try!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Arts & Crafts: Hand Dyed Play Silks

My son attends a wonderful Waldorf Oriented School, in South West Miami that is simply a Little Heaven on Earth. They have so much fun learning while "playing among beautiful things". One of those beautiful things are Play Silks in different sizes and colors. It is so amazing to see how their imagination simply explodes in fabulous games, from pirates to princesses, from Kings to farmers. An infinite amount of possibilities.

Trying to find cool things to do this summer, we decided to get some blank silks from Dharma Trading Co. Got some supplies and started a new branch of our learning and our family business.

If you are crafty and want to give it a try, follow this How Make Play Silks  Tutorial

You will need the following:

1. Blank Silks in desired size. Usually 35"x 35", or 21"x 21". The larger ones can be used as canopies.
2. Different flavor Kool Aid, or food coloring (I prefer food coloring).
3. White Vinager (especially if you used food coloring. This would be the acid that helps the color set in.
4. Big deep pots and/or a disposable aluminum baking tray. If you want to do a rainbow silk, 3 or 4 glass or plastic jars would help.
5. Hot water. Here is where Parents' supervision is crucial.
6. Disposable gloves.

You can either watch this video to get the steps and some idea of the process or, if you prefer to see step by step picture instructions, this momma has it down to a T, www.raisingolives.com

Hope you enjoy it, have fun and get creative having fun with your kids.

PS. If you are not in the crafty clan, I made some play silks to sell at my CHIC MOMMY USA ETSY SHOP They are made at home filled with love and tons of laughs.

Hope at the end of the Tunnel! Our battle against the Autism Pandemic has to start at home!

When I see the staggering and heart braking statistics of children suffering from Autism or Neurological disorders in this Country, I get so upset that I wish I could tower over the world and make it stop! But I am only a mom and I am certain that all my battles start at home, and this is what I am doing today!

According to the latest estimates, 1 in 67 children has Autism, 1 in 6 children suffers a developmental disorder, and 1 in 38 boys has Autism. Isn’t this the REAL PANDEMIC?????

It makes me laugh so hard when I see the “Swine Flu Pandemic” news! Are they being serious? The last one I heard was: “1 Million Cases Worldwide of Swine Flu! Beware! Vaccinate your family and be prepared!!!” Ha ha ha! Excuse me! But the World’s Population is over 6 Billion and growing! Isn’t 1 million like a 1% ???

Ok, let’s pause on this. Do you know that the CDC has estimated that each year in the United States 36,000 people will die of complications from the Regular Flu? So far this year, there has been only 87 deaths reported on the Swine Flu Issue. Don’t get me wrong! Every death is a loss and bigger or smaller numbers do not diminish their importance. What is wrong, and what I am criticizing is the approach of Authorities on our health issues. They are giving almost no importance to the outrageous numbers of children suffering from Autism and Development Disorders. It is not normal to suffer from this! It is not part of nature and we don’t just have to comply with the system and fold in without a word being said.

Moms! Dads! It is time to fight for our children’s future! It is time for us to take control of lives and their health. Health Care officials in United States are not helping us to stop the madness. They are just making us jump through the hoops of medical bureaucracy to assure that our children will have a long life of medical bills covered! This is not fair, this is not right and we have to say something!

For now, once again, our battles begin at home. We have kids to care for the best way we can. The road ahead has many possibilities, but we have to search proactively for them and choose the ones the better suit our family’s case. Here, is where I want to introduce you to a fantastic Mom that did not fold in after her son’s Autism diagnose. She started her own crusade to improve her son’s quality of life and so far, she has reached fantastic results! Changes do not come easy, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do for those we love. Her name is Gina Laverde and through her experience she has develop a new vision in life, a new approach to this illness, and great tools to aid others in their own journey.

If you want to know more about her, I invite you to meet with Gina, this Friday July 3rd, 2009 at 10:00 PM Eastern on my show, Holistic Living for Today’s Moms. This is an open Live Stream Show from Momtv.com that allows mothers to share, learn and discuss topics otherwise reserved to the privacy of our homes.

Share the news, spread the voice, begin your battle! I hope to see you on Friday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Mama Knows Breast. A Beginners Guide to Breastfeeding". Book Review

I wanted to introduce you to this wonderful book! I simply loved it. It is fun, simple and easy to read, process and put into practice.

So, breastfeeding mamas, put down the Encyclopedias (at least for now) and read Mamas Knows Breast by Andi Silverman.

See my review in the video below:

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