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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Autism Undone!

Last night I had the great honor of having a good friend as a Guest Speaker on my Show at MomTv. Her name is Gina Laverde and her story and life journey are a great example of determination and conviction.

After her son, started showing symptoms of Autism and was later on diagnosed with this illness, all of her efforts were directed into CURING her son's AUTISM.

She researched day and night until she found a solution that little by little brought her son back to her. She could see into his eyes again, she was able to enjoy his hugs and smiles one more time. He started to be himself and feel happier and more calm each day.

The changes were not immediate, it certainly took time, but the results to this day are incredible!

Last night she shared with us part of this journey and some of the dietary tools she has been utilizing to fight Autism over the past three years.

Every child is different, and the reasons that have induced Autism in their life may be different, but one there is one thing in common, "A toxic overload" hindering their bodies abilities to fight what is making them ill" . There are treatments for Autism, but we as parents need to observe and understand how are children react to their foods and their environment. We need to research, ask and try different options until we find what works for them.

Gina, did all of the above and found what worked best for her son. Today, Dougy is a happy boy, that engages in conversations, loves hugs and kisses and knows that his carrots need some Dip! I have seen him, I have talk to him and the joy and love they share is an example worth to follow.

The best part of this, is that the same principles can be applied to kids suffering from allergies, asthma and digestion problems.

I invite you take some time to watch the Replay of her show, take notes and refer to her website for more information and for any additional advise.


Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Treat an Earache the Natural Way

With the flu and cold season many aches and pains affect our family's health and lately I have been hearing of Ear Infections left and right.

The last time I had to treat an ear infection was almost 5 years, with my eldest. Of course, the only route known to me at that point was to treat it with antibiotics. At that point the infections I thought was already pretty bad.

With more experience, more research and little bit of more curiosity, I started seeing a Holistic Pediatric M.D., Dr. Rydland and along the way I have learned tons of great things to minimize the use of antibiotics.

What do I do know? Here it is:

I use:

1. Regular Rubbing Alcohol

2. Colloidal Silver, either Argentyn 23 or Sovereign Silver (these are the best brands recommended by Dr. Rydland) and don't worry you won't turn gray or blue! and,

3. Kids Wellness: Ear Drops Formula

How do I use it:

At the first sign of an earache I put one drop of alcohol in each of their ears just to evaporate any left over water that may be in it.

Then, I put 3 drops of Colloidal Silver, and I let them rest for at least 10 minutes laying down on the opposite side. Then I repeat it in the other ear (just in case).

Lastly, I will put the recommended dose of Dr. Rydland's Ear Drop Formula, cover it up with a little bit of cotton and let them rest for as long as I can keep them still.

So far, 3 out 4 times, the pain stops within a very short time and infection does not progress. Their little bodies fight it, and they are able to build immunities and heal properly.

Of course, close monitoring of symptoms and fever is a MUST. Please, do consult your Doctor if symptoms do not improve and remember! This is only my personal experience and the things that have worked for my family.

I hope you find it helpful and worth to share with other!

Be Holistic! Be Happier! Be Healthier!


Ps. If you go to Dr. Rydland's website, please mention that you got to know about him through CHIC MOMMY! I will appreciate it!

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