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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"The Classy Closet Swap"


I have to tell you! I found this great community of moms and bloggers at Jen Hinton's website, "The Classy Closet" and it has been an incredibly fun adventure. I have not only found great information but also beautiful friendships.

Jen had another fun idea and this was of pairing some us to do a blog swap. I loved the idea! It is like going to have coffee and cookies to a friend's home and be received with hugs and laughs.

The guest in my home this month is Lauren from "Hyperactive LU". When I visited her blog for the first time, I knew the reason why our paths crossed! She blogs, she sews and she wears her babies! Cool!!

Now, I want to invite all of you to come and have some coffee and cookies with us. We want to share Lu's guest post at Chic Mommy USA's home and also continue sharing some of our experiences in motherhood and life.

Fell Head Over Hills.... In More Ways Than One
By Lauren from "Hyperactive Lu".

I fell head over heels in love in December 2007. Not only did we welcome our newest member to the family, Little Peanut, but also, I was oficially a baby wearing mama. Baby wearing was something so foreign and exciting to me. To be able to wear your baby- comfortably- and still have hands free! What an idea! I couldn't wait to try it out!

I had tried a "normal" baby carrier with my oldest son, Bubbie, but we could never get it to "fit" just right on my body. Hubbie tried it once while we were out of town and that was hilarious- those carriers are NOT made for a larger framed man! We eventually gave up trying.

Around the time I found out that I was expecting Peanut, I found Stephanie's blog over at Adventures in Babywearing and I was intrigued! I couldn't wait to do the same thing with my new baby. I researched different types of slings. I wrote Stephanie MANY emails. My sister in law, Jana, and I chatted about what type of slings we liked the look of and wished we could get our hands on some of these slings and test them out before buying them.

I was so desperate for information on this "new idea". I eventually figured out that babywearing was NOT new.... I guess I had just lived in a bubble and never seen it. It is stil very rare around our town, but becoming more and more popular.

So, from Stephanie's suggestions, I got a ring sling. I purchased a "mom made" ring sling off of Ebay and then also bought a Hotsling. Unfortunately, the Hotsling wasn't made for me. I tried and tried. I think I purchased the wrong size. I could never get Peanut in without feeling like I was suffocating him. I tried the same cradle hold in the ring sling with no success. I wrote Stephanie and asked her about other types of holds. She told me that perhaps a chest to chest hold in the ring sling would work better. We tried that and SUCCESS! Peanut loved it. I loved it. It was a beautiful bonding time. I could lean down and kiss that soft, furry head of Peanuts and still have 2 hands to help and play with Bubbie or cook!

Once we mastered the ring sling, we saw the Sleepy Wrap on a review blog. I quickly purchased it and were thrilled when it arrived. The Sleepy Wrap is very similar to the Moby Wrap. I actually don't know if anything is different about the two. The Sleepy Wrap is made out of a stretchy cotton and wraps around your body to hold your child. It is absolutely a fabulous idea and works wonders. Every time I put Peanut in it, he was absolutely the happiest and most content child. I wore that thing EVERYWHERE! I would sling Peanut in it for longer grocery trips and put Bubbie in the front of the grocery buggy. I had one child tied to me and two free hands to help the other. Even Hubbie could join in the babywearing fun with the Sleepy Wrap. It is so long that I think one-size fits all or at least the majority. Hubbie wore Peanut a lot when we went on family outings. The sleepy wrap quickly replaced my ring sling and became the sling of choice in our family.

Then, when I had thought I had seen all there was to see about slings, I won a fabulous contest and the prize was a sling! A brand new ring sling from Nonny and Boo (who have now closed down). I never knew that ring slings were so fabulous. I was able to wear Peanut in it for a few short months before I found out that I was expecting Baby Bean and no longer felt like carrying another child. The ring sling from Nonny and Boo has been a wonderful addition to my sling collection. I love the thickness of the fabric. I love that I don't have to adjust it constantly, like my other ring sling. I holds Peanut's weight- 25lbs or heavier.

So, there you have it, my baby wearing experience! I have loved the bonding that comes from baby wearing. I love the ease and convienence. I love that it isn't difficult to do. I cannot wait until I can start babywearing again with my newest son, Baby Bean, due in September.

For more about Hyperactive Lu, visit me here.

Thanks for reading!


I want thank Lauren for sharing with us her experiences! I would also love to invite you to try Baby Wearing, and ask us some questions about different baby sling options. Please don't forget that Chic Mommy also has Ring Slings and Pouch Slings for sale. Visit my etsy shop for some ideas. I custom made most of my orders to make sure every mom or dad has a match made in heaven to carry their baby.

Don't forget to stop by Jen's Classy Closet" either to sign up for our future blog swaps or just to share some fun times.

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