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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Books! -Weekend Sewing. Heather Ross. Review

Weekend Sewing
is a wonderful book by Heather Ross. I look at it for days at the bookstore until I had to bring it home!!

It has fun sewing projects that are easy to follow and can be done!

The instructions come with drawings according to the different steps in the preparation and construction of your garments. Do not expect color pictures like in many PDF tutorials.

As I try myself and have heard from many fellow crafters, the patters come in small sizes. So if you are not in the petite side, get at least an extra yard of fabric per project. You may end up with a left over but this is better than not having enough to finish.

Make sure you know your own measurements or the ones for your model and make necessary adjustments.

If you are a beginner sewer this is what you must do:

1. Arm yourself with time and patience.
2. Read carefully all the instructions first, and
3. prepare ahead your patterns and your fabric.

What to gather:

1. Tracing materials. All the patterns come printed in the same pieces of large paper. So you better be sure to get your favorite materials to trace the patterns into something you feel comfortable using. Examples: a. Large Tracing Paper so you can use a simple pencil and copy the pattern. b) Color Transfer Paper and transfer tool; this you can use to transfer the pattern directly onto your fabric. c) My favorite: get some yards of light weigh pellon at the craft store and use that as your tracing paper. Perfect size and durable enough for a million uses after.

2. Cutting tools, rotary cutter, self healing mat and favorite scissors.

3. Rulers and measuring tape.

So, get your book, get your enthusiasm and go for it! I am sure you will make beautiful things for you and your loved ones.

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Jaime 5/29/09, 10:12 AM  

One more item for your list - the errata posted on Heather's blog. I too love this book but there are a lot of mistakes in it! I've made 5 projects now from it and they've all had some issues if you just work strictly from the instructions/fabric yardage/sizing as given.

Chic Mommy USA 5/29/09, 11:08 AM  

Thanks Jaime. May be you can post a list of the items you have made to make us look closer!

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