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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are Vaccinations Good or Bad for Us?

The truth behind the vaccinations safety is a very debated topic lately. As a mother or 3 children under the age of 5 this is certainly something I HAVE TO BE INFORMED OF! I cannot leave my children's life to be determined by the decision of a total stranger.

As a new mom I was faced with the fact of "Obligatory" vaccinations and when my first son was born, I would have not given it a second thought, I would have said, yeah of course! go ahead! Why was I going to question? I, have been vaccinated in triple doses for everything!! (Of course I had forgotten that my arm had almost gangrened twice after two of those combo vaccines). My husband, a Holistic Physician had already been lecturing me about the "safety issues" on vaccines and had tried to make me understand that it is not safe.

The day my son was born, the first thing in the morning for the new mommy to do wast the "authorization and waiver" to proceed with the Hepatitis B vaccination on a barely 6 lbs. baby. When they brought this authorization and waiver to me, there were no explanations, they did not show me the insert of the vaccination to know what it contained. They just told me, sign here so we can proceed; and I did sign it. Five minutes after there was a MAD MAN running through the aisles at the Hospital, screaming at the Nurse that had made me sign that form without truly explaining what it all entitled! He grabbed the authorization and torn it right in front of the staff. I was confused and did not know what to think.

Once I left the Hospital, I decided to learn as much as I could to be at peace with our decision of not vaccinating our children.

I was in shock!!!!!! What is it that they contain??? What is it that they really do??? Why do they get so sick after the vaccination?? Is it really safe? Am I gambling with my kids health and future?? OHHH NOOO!!!!! I will not do it until someone assures me that they are 100% safe and they will back it up with the life, malpractice insurance, life savings, and Medical License. So far, 5 years after, and many doctors after, NOT ONE PERSON has taken that responsibility! Not one has told me, DON'T worry it WON'T DO ANY HARM! WHY? I may ask!! BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SURE!!!!!

This is such an immense topic, that we could continue talking and writing for a whole year without stopping. But today, I just want to RAISE AWARENESS!!!! If you have a child, and do not know what to do! Please get informed before you proceed. Don't leave it up to chance! There are proven cases that show how many of our kids are allergic to one or all of the components in these vaccines. That many if not all of the components are toxins that our bodies cannot resist!! That we need to Green our Vaccines and put our Children's life in a safer place. We will continue to bring summarized information to make it all easier to digest.

Please leave a comment to this post. If we don't voice what we have experience, how are we going to able to change our future or help someone else!

Twitt this, share it with your friends and family. Let's continue to learn, teach, and share experiences for a better and safer tomorrow.

For more information see the following websites:

Vaccine Injury Coalition (VIC)

Vaccination News

Generation Rescue (Jenny McCarthy)

Polio Vaccine (A look at the real statistics)

Ask Dr. Sears. The Vaccine Book

You can also join this causes and groups in Facebook:

Vaccine Information Network (VINE)

Green Our Vaccinations

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