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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Positive side of Eczema! Who would have known??!!

I have been sharing my Journey in trying to find the cure for my son’s asthma, and today I am so happy. I think we are closer than we have thought.

For a while now, we have tried to stay away from Albuterol and steroid medications and have pushed Alternative remedies to improve his health.

What I have learned through the years is the pharmaceuticals treatments are optimum in Acute episodes, emergencies only, and they are vital to control the diminishing effects of an asthma attach or a severe allergic reaction. They have certainly controlled the symptoms and have helped stabilize my son. Once, his body was able to breath and go back to somewhat normal life, we have gone back to our Alternative treatments, which have include diet changes, herbal treatments, mineral and vitamins supplements, and homeopathic remedies.

It has been a process of adaptation and learning to believe and be certain that our bodies are perfect machines. These machines know that they need to expelled toxins and harmful things in order to balance themselves out. Let’s give some examples, if we have food poisoning, we immediately throw up or get severe diarrhea. Our bodies desperately try to get rid off of what is harming us. If we have a virus, or an infection, we get high fevers trying to kill the environment that allows these to live and multiply.

During my last conference call with our Homeopathic Consultant, I mentioned that my son’s asthma seem to be improving. It has become more manageable through alternative treatments and that I had not had to recur to the Albuterol nor steroids to help him. One of the things that I mentioned is that he is now showing Eczema, and that I was “truly concerned” about this new condition. To my surprise, she giggled and mentioned that “Eczema is considered the asthma of the skin” and that when it appears, in our case, it is because my son’s body is getting rid off the asthma. It is evolving, creating, expelling, transforming. I understood this process as if it was a little caterpillar, that has to enclose himself in a horrible looking cocoon to them transform into a gorgeous butterfly. My son’s body is transforming for the better. We would have known!!

Under the care of the one dimensional perception of the traditional medicine, his eczema would have been a symptom that only needed to be stopped. They would have ordered topical ointments with steroids, cortisone, etc. The only result, two illnesses that would remain within his body, entrapped with no way out. He would probably live his life battling asthma and eczema by stopping all symptoms every time they surface over and over instead of finding a way to aid his body to find the path to expel them once and for all.

We are happy today, because we are winning another battle against a life with perpetual asthma and skin problems. Today, my son is one step closer to a Happy, Fuller, and Healthier Tomorrow!

We want to thank our Holistic Doctor and our Homeopathic Consultant for guiding us out of this confusing labyrinth.

Don’t loose any hope! Whatever your battle is, God will help you find your way.

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MommaD 6/18/09, 5:29 PM  

our pediatrician once told us that there is the trifecta: eczema, asthma and lactose sensitivities. our third son has all three, they seem to work in concert with each other. best of luck in your quest!

Chic Mommy USA 6/18/09, 10:44 PM  

That is very true. In fact, my son also have the three of them. I have had him out of Dairy for 3 years and his life has turn around. Still need to try to see if raw milk would have the same effect on his health, but I have not wanted to even venture there until we control his asthma completely. Thank you for sharing with us.

Kiminie 6/20/09, 2:10 AM  

Thanks for sharing this. I have painfully watched my girls (one at a time) suffer with eczema and most recently with my youngest I started seeing an herbalist. He recommended that I take a heavy dose of Fish Oil (Carlson's) and since she's breastfeeding, she's getting the EFA's and all the benefits of it almost as though she's taking it herself. It has cleared up her eczema completely and I couldn't be happier. I just wish I had known all this when my oldest was diagnosed with asthma & suffering with eczema. So far, though, the oldest seems to be cured of both conditions and all I can say is I prayed for it to disappear. It's been gone for about 3 years now, I think- poof, just like that. Alhamdullilah (All Praise and Thanks is due to God)

I also wanted to note that I voted in the vaccine poll and although I vaccinated both my girls and they appear to be healthy at this time, I made the choice to stop vaccinating just before my little one was due for her last shot. I don't plan to continue with any more shots unless they make these vaccines safe for our children. Had I known then what I know now, I would never have vaccinated, and Allah Knows Best.

Chic Mommy USA 6/20/09, 10:18 AM  

Kiminie, Thanks so much for sharing your story. Every word that we put out would help someone go through their own battles. And you are very right! God Knows Better to him the Thanks and Glory!
Many blessings in your search for a better health for your children!

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