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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Which are the Safest Water Bottles for our Family?

Once again I am confronted with these questions: Is technology always for the best? Are their products for our benefit or just to make a few billion dollars out of us this year?
Do companies put as it risk with dangerous products on purpose or is it just inadvertently?

I don't have all the answers but I have decided to keep the "?" on everything I will buy from now on. Many times, not even the products sold at a Health Food Store are really that safe.

Like I always repeat to my readers and viewers:
"WE NEED TO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR LIFE AND OUR MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS". I know! I Know! where do we get the right information to make informed decisions????!!(&^ This my friend, is not an easy task, but we have to put our heart and commitment into it.

I have started my blogs with this purpose, sharing the information I found most appropriate at a certain point in my life. Believe me! My search and my walk on the information rally will not be stopping anytime soon.

One of the
BEST places for great information is "THE SOFT LANDING". Its owners are part of family committed to keep a close relation with their customers needs, and an even closer relation with its vendors. All products are carefully reviewed, not only at the beginning of their purchasing contracts, but regularly throughout their business relation. If they don't comply with the any of their product safety standards, they are out the door!

The Soft Landing, has been focused on assuring parents that the products purchased through them are BPA and PVC free. The best of it all is that they share all their research results through their blog. It has become my little big healthy bible!

Now another big thing right now is their BIGG BOTTLE SWAP! I already talked about it, but is SOOOOO WORTH IT! If you have a SIGG Water Bottle, you should be aware that SIGG Bottles are lined with BPA. It has not yet been proven to leach, but hey! how safe is that BPA thing in my family's water bottles either way??

The good news is that with the Bigg Bottle Swap, you can send your old Aluminum BPA lined SIGG Watter Bottles to The Soft Landing. They will be sending you a 30% coupon toward a Clean Fun and Safe Stainless Steel Water Bottle (from any of the participating vendors). The Soft Landing will even recycle your old SIGG bottle for you.

If you don't have a SIGG Bottle, but you have an Aluminum water bottle, there is also a 20% coupon that could work in your favor.

Check The Soft Landing site as well as the BIGG Bottle Swap. The information is well worth to read, use and share!

Don't forget to mention ChicMommyUSA. Who knows! you may get a surprise!

Many blessings,



Vhiel 9/9/09, 12:47 PM  

I just started following your blog.. hope you can follow mine too! ;)

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Fruitful Vine2 9/9/09, 10:16 PM  

I love Soft Landing's site! It is definitely a place I will be going back to from time to time.

Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend. It was lovely seeing your comment on my blog.

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