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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Traditional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine: What do I choose? When do I choose? Why do I choose? MY JOURNEY. Part 1

Many of us have come to a point in life where we are faced with all these questions. Finding the appropriate answer for our personal situation is one of the greatest challenges. Why is it a challenge? Some may ask; well, let me just tell you the beginning: the amount of information that is available to support either stream is overwhelmingly abundant.

At that precise moment, when we are perusing through pages and pages of debates and controversies, is when we have to take a moment and see what is it that we are looking for? Are we looking for a quick fix that will keep me running until it hurts or bothers again? Are we looking for a simple patch that will allow me to think I am better? Or, are we looking for something that is going to heal me from the inside out or at least, truly minimize the devastating effects of the illness deteriorating our health?

In my case, for many years I lived like a little ant marching behind the other ones, with the load of my aches and pains up in my back. Without asking or questioning, simply opening my mouth and swallowing whatever it was they put there. For many years, I didn’t even know what it was, I just knew it hurt and it hurt all the time. I felt lazy, tired, exhausted, and I always had a bottle of acetaminophen to either help my headache or relieve for a few hours that leg pain that never went away.

Until that day! That Aw Moment! Destiny put in the path of a Chiropractic Physician. A person that took the time to explain to me that my body is the most perfect machine ever created! That my body has the ability to heal itself and it only needs some help.

The change started immediately. After learning what I was truly experiencing, a severe case of double scoliosis, I understood that “There is no pill, lotion, or potion that will ever put my bones back in place. No pill, lotion or potion could ever free my severely pinched nerves so I could live with no pain. I learned that I need to care for my body as much as dedicate to care for my car (car washes, weekly gas, oil changes, filter changes, etc.). And since then, Chiropractic has been a pivotal point in my health and the health of those around me.

My kids have all been adjusted almost immediately after their birth and have continued to get their adjustments in regular basis. I hope that none of them had to live with the pain and discomfort created by spinal disease, and to this day, I am proud to say, that the understand and feel the difference it makes in their life.

I hope that in your quest you can find the answers that will offer a healthier tomorrow.

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