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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Camp or Not?

Miami Summer Camp, The Redlands Summer Camp, Magical Hearth YogaLately for many Americans, budget restrictions have come into effect. As resourceful moms we have had to make important calls as far of our spending. Many of us have cut on eating out, movie going, and other sorts of entertainment.

In my case, it has been tough lately, lots of changes in my life that had force me to minimize and simplify in many ways. All for good I think, but there are still those Special Requests made by our children that simply leave us with a hard choice to make.

Summer has come, School is out but in my case, there is still the crave for something fun to do. My 5 year old son asked me to send him to Summer Camp. He is so active, creative and energetic that I could not bare the thought of keeping him away from his little dream.

There were a few choices: Camp at the Pinecrest Gardens, Church Camp, Nature Camp, or Karate Camp. All of them vary in prices but after all was said and done, we both had to make a decision.

The question! How to choose the right option for you and your child? Here is were the budget issue clashes with your kids' desires. Personally, I had to sit and first realize How Much Money could I spend before being able to open the discussion. I cut here and there and came up with an amount. Then sat down with my son and we review our options. He thought about it for a while because he could not make his mind, and finally chose Nature Camp.

It was going to be immediately after his school ended but due our schedules, it had to be as soon as possible. We came to an agreement and stuck to it. The time and money sacrificed in this, WAS WAAAAY WORTH IT!

He attended last week the Magical Heart Summer Day Camp. It is located here in Florida, in a beautiful farm area called "The Redlands" (Homestead, Florida). My friend DeAnna Carlile runs it out of her beautiful 5 acre Estate and it could have not been any better. She is a wonderful person filled with so much knowledge. The best part is that she has been homeschooling her kids for the longest time with amazing results. We know for sure that the Camp experience would be backed up by years of practice and experience on all kinds of educational matters.

My son was able to explore Nature at his maximum. He learned about how to care for it and most importantly how to live in harmony with it. He also, learned to use his hands and mind to express while dancing, crafting, painting, and doing yoga. He even learned how to cope with the sudden death of our host's beloved pet. He had so much fun, that the excitement did not fit his tiny body. Every day was an adventure that was accompanied but beautiful friendships and wisdom way beyond his short life.

My Point in this Story:
Times are rough financially for many of us, but if you prepare, budget, and choose wisely, we can still give our children Great Options to learn, enjoy and grow wisely. It does not have to be something big, but we can help our kids achieve at least one of their dreams this summer by working together!

If you are in the South Florida area, you can contact Magical Heart Summer Camp for more information at: deanna@magicalheartyoga.com, otherwise search in your neighborhood websites or Community Papers, I'm sure will find what you are looking for this Summer.

Blessings to all and great Warm wishes!

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Keep It Classy, Jen 6/8/09, 11:42 PM  

Thanks for joining us tonight! So nice to meet you!! I am glad you are a part of our community!

Chic Mommy USA 6/9/09, 12:11 AM  

Hey Jen! thanks for stopping by!

Banteringblonde 6/9/09, 1:04 AM  

so great to meet you tonight! I have to tell you ... many of the camps that are affordable are just as fun! My kids do a few different types of camps and all of them have been fun. Our zoo does a camp and the museums, also our school does a two week sports camp and a few other fun art camps and these are affordable. planning is key though isn't it?

Chic Mommy USA 6/11/09, 12:25 AM  

Of course! Planning, budgeting and making sure it fits your child! that is the key!! Thanks for stopping by!

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